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    Who We Are

    We are active Law Enforcement Professionals that work with both home and business owners to ensure that their property is properly documented in the case of an emergency. Don't let theft, a natural disaster, or a fire catch you off guard.

    What We Do
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    Make Property Documentation a Part of your Emergency Preparedness Plan!

    The benefits are endless with our documentation services. A complete third party documentation of assets and their approximate worth helps streamlines the insurance claims process and gives you your best chance to recover items stolen in a property crime.

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    The American Crime Clock

    Be Prepared through a Third Party Documentation

    As active Law Enforcement Professionals, we see all types of Property Crime. We know how to best prepare you and your family for the unexpected.

    Property Crime
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DOCurPROP correctly and efficiently creates a home inventory list of all valuables inside of your home. Therefore, in the case of an emergency, burglary, or unknown event, you have access to all of your items and their worth.
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Level The Playing Field

DOCurPROP works with you through the entire process to ensure that your personal items are professionally documented and assessed which help level the playing field when it comes to burglaries.
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Be Prepared

With DOCurPROP, you are always prepared for the unexpected. We create a personal property inventory list of all your assets and we can provide unbiased, accurate, third party records of your belongings.